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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moleskine' year three

Bloggers love Moleskine', you hear folks bragging about them all the time. My first try was a small planner that was....too small. Last year I had the week at a glance and the ink was so pale I almost went blind trying to read it. This year they must have read my mind because the ink is darker, and the larger five by 8 is handy for me. I have the week at a glance on the left with a blank page for notes on the right.

The way my week goes I just have three or four things to do each day so I do not need an hourly type planner. I use it also for a bit of a diary, food record, and expense tracker. I wish I were the kind of guy who could use something electronic. I had a palm pilot that I lost within six months. When I misplace my planner I can go without it for too long. I also love the writing pads and use them for recording ideas.

Happy and Blessed New Year!

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