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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stepping up a Digital Step

I have owned three digital cameras since film died. The first was a 200 dollar 3 megapixel Gateway. Three years ago I purchased a Konica/Minolta 6 megapixel digital zoom, and my enjoyment of photography has risen to the point where I carry my camera bag as a man purse, with my medicine and testing kit and extra pens and notebook. I take 2000 pictures a year or there about.

Today I got my third, an early Christmas gift, a Canon 12 megapixel digital slr called the EOS XSi This hobby is ramped up for me, and I get a kick out of recording the church events as well. It has two zooms, and although it is still called entry level, this camera has serious capacity. Time will tell if my photography takes a step up.

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