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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Telephoto means stepping back

I promise not to make this a photo hobby blog but this is my new toy and I share things that happen to me every day. I checked out the luggability factor on the zoom lense that came with my kit. Having a zoom changes the way you approach photography. The picture above in the kids play area was taken from 25 ft, versus the 5 ft you would use to take a regular shot. It allows eves dropping for shots like this cute kiddo. It was heavy to carry but not too bad with the comfortable next strap.

I also purchased UV lenses to protect the glass, and had the information screen protected with a plastic film that is being used to protect IPods and phone screens.
The Mall was crowded with shoppers, I am sure most have scaled down the cost of gifts to be careful, but folks here in the East Valley are buying things, and that is good.

I watched a show tonight about the Reagan elections and it sounded like a tape of the same rhetoric we heard the last two years, taxes, national defense, economic stimulus ideas. This is life, we face challenges. Many of those who will gather for church tommorow were young when Pearl Harbor changed the world, some still living responded to the call as young men and women. I salute them and the way our nation responded to that challenge.

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