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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The World is shrinking

One of our missionary friends spent two days with us. Reynato was in the states to help with a family wedding and touch base with other former teens of his twenty years of youth ministry. He has spent time in Brooklyn, Chicago and LA. Last evening he was speaking to his wife face to face using Yahoo and I was struck at the vast changes that the world has undergone.

Sitting in my office in Sun Lakes with a Philipino raised speaking English and chatting with his wife in their native lanquage on Yahoo video chat. He mentioned how connected the immigrants from the Phillapines are and how many come here to earn enough money to help their extended family back home. He also spoke of the immediate effects of the downturn on their small manufacting and assembly plants.

He loves his island, his people and working with the teens in his country. I hope to visit there some day and see his world firsthand.

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