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Friday, December 26, 2008

Big or Small

I had the Christmas spirit big time this year....less Scroogish than in years past, due largely to daily infusions of beautiful Christmas music. This year I added Josh Groban and Faith Hill Christmas Albums to join the hall of fame I alread own. Bing Crosy, Nat King Cole, Manheim Steamroller, Micheal W Smith, Celine Dion, etc. A large selection of Celtic Christmas albums as well.

I have often marked generational change by the observation that the car radio brought most of the folks my age accessibility and the growth of radio followed the mobility we gained from autos. I have never lost my love of music. I have a boom box like the one caracatured above sitting in my office and have owned many tiny transitor radios in my life. But the Ipod has given me portability, flexibility, choosability, and expandability. I am totally sold on the idea, not to mention books on tape, video sermons, podcasts and my one portable movie, "The Princess Bride" Its...inconceivable.....!

Don't judge us for this, but we have three Ipod players, all Altec Lansings....not Bose lest you think we are too wasteful and extravangant. Lauras Classroom, home and my office. The Ipod goes in my manpurse, camera bag, and boom......music.

One regret, a long constant presence of tinnitus that competes with my listening pleasure. Any one got a cure?

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