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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can't You Feel it, Say I Do!

Laura and I watched our new DVD of Mama Mia tonight. We loved the play and the movie experience. When you grow up listening to ABBA hits as a background to your own life and then they do something so colorful and human and uplifting and fun as this, it is wonderful to own it at home. The story line is about a single mom, and it is quite charming how the songs ABBA composed and sang over their career fit so well into this fantasy. A girl finding her father, a woman finding lost love, and my favorite star...that enchanting Greek Island. The Winner takes it all. Next time through we play the sing a long option.


Dixie said...

Wasn't it just the best movie?! It just makes me so happy. Plus it hits all the emotions. Madeline and I are going to watch it this weekend. The kids already sing ABBA b/c I've been listening to it so much in the car. Very weird to hear Luke singing "Mamma MIA!" :)

goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Melissa said...

How am I supposed to get you anything for Christmas if you go and buy it for yourself?!? : )

Don Hendricks said...

I sort of feel like that movie rescued you a few months ago....

Deeply appreciative of your visit


I totally understand your frustration. Your mom and I have become addicted to instant gratification, like everyone else.
I have no answer other than to ask us to declare a no personal buy zone in December. Read IMonk today on the impact of technology on our Christian life, some good thoughts.