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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday night delight

Almost half the year we go to Floridino's Italian Restaurant to enjoy the large special. It ranks right up there with the best pizza I have ever eaten. The sausage, perreroni, veggies, just the right moisture, not dry but hold together if you decide to lift it. Always delivered hot. Click the photo and you will feel like going out for pizza.


Dixie said...

Oh my goodness. I want a pizza right now. And our favourite place is open (and only 3 blocks away). And it looks like your pizza there has the same toppings as our favourite pizza from our pizza place... This is such a cruel picture for me to be shown at 11 o'clock at night!! :)

Don Hendricks said...

Thanks for visiting Dixie, your family are in my prayers as you enter a new year.


Carmen Andres said...

it's 1am and my stomach just growled. seriously. not nice, don!