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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thoughts on Money and Madoff

Bernard L. Madoff was a Jewish Investor in NYC. His life and lifestyle with mulitmillionaire friends seeking to protect and advance the excess money they earned is something I cannot fathom or imagine. If I had all my financial eggs in his basket I am wondering how I would feel to know my future had been stolen in terms of money.

Weeks ago, I had my own frustrations out with a sermon that referenced an old song I learned in college. "Theres a dead skunk in the middle of the road.....stinken' to high heaven....". A lot of people must have had their conscience yelling at them when this whole thing got rocky. I wonder exactly when Madoff went from well respected money manager to crook and thief. Did he lie to himself, or just not care? I have always wondered about the compensation to stock brokers and investors. They make us 7 to 12 percent and they make millions each year? How does that work?

Money is power, they say. Lack of money will be a new teacher for so many in this period of our national life. My heart breaks for the charities and non profits affected by this loss. There are so many illusions in life. Things we think will keep us safe and secure have become vapor. We are all waiting and watching to see how this will play out in the year ahead. I told my friend Jim that I am glad he has a three acre back yard in Queen Creek. I asked if I could plant a 40x40 garden so we can have vegetables to eat. A sharecropper??? Lord, teach me my lessons. Deepen my hunger for things that cannot be seen but are real...for the Living God...and for our daily bread....and for the true spirit of Christmas.

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