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Friday, December 5, 2008

Golf was bad, beauty was good

I brought my new Canon Digital SLR to the golf course to continue my learning curve and just took a few shots. This was the first with the longer zoom lense. I love the focus points that tell you what areas of the picture will be sharp. The great thing about the hobby is that you start looking to compose pictures with your free moments, you think angles, light, texture, color. I wish I had thought more about how to score in golf. Just Kidding. It was another beautiful day in Arizona.


Marc Vandersluys said...

Pretty cool. I've barely touched my camera since August. Shame. I take it you've been doing photography for a while? If not, there are a couple of good books I could recommend which I have found useful. Have fun!

Don Hendricks said...

Thanks Marc, you and Dixie are such a joy to keep up with. I need lots of help, because this time I am really going to learn the capacity of this camera and move beyond automatic settings. Share the books you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by,


Marc Vandersluys said...

This isn't the first time I've stopped by, actually! I've got you in my RSS reader.

In fact, I tried to leave a comment a couple of weeks ago, but something went wrong with the comment and I didn't have the will to rewrite it!

I highly recommend "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. It was a huge help to me in setting up manual exposures.

You might also find Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book" helpful. It's a little less explanatory than Peterson's (I thought Peterson's was better as a beginner), but it has a friendly approach: it shows a picture and then tells you how to get that exposure. It's filled with other handy tips as well.