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Friday, December 12, 2008


I laughed, and joined in the celebration, but there was an uneasy feeling that I am trying to discern. Am I just being a fuddy duddy or was the huge presentation doing more to enculturate the church to make it acceptable to unbelievers?

It took 18 years but I finally took 56 friends to the Christmas Extravaganza at Phoenix First Assembly of God last evening. It was their 29th year. Human Christmas tree, lasar lights, shadow posing, camels, tiger, zebra, elephant, 40 person full orchestra, singing, dancing, rap, hip hop dancing, Miley Cyrus and Jonas brothers clones, six flying angels at a time, comedy, many many dancing children, two high flying sheet climbing acrobatic performers, an offering and an altar call, a story to hold it all together, an loud and unruly rabble of people filling the huge auditorium. When worship becomes entertainment we begin to have problems. I forgot to mention flying beds, drum solos with the drummer suspended halway to the ceiling, tons of dry ice effects, dogs doing tricks, .....and me.....a little bewildered at the cast of 600 and the 1500 it takes to put this on.....and the pinnacle of attractional theology making me wander if anyone will want to come sing hymns and hear preaching after all this??????????

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Anonymous said...

Amen....preach it brother!