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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Settled in my heart and sort of in my mind

The Internet Monk is a blog I enjoy. A lifelong frustrated Southern Baptist, his wife of 30 years has converted to Catholicism. It has been difficult for him, as he has shared with his blogging audience. He recently mentioned that most Catholics just accept the teachings of the church without much questioning. They have a massive catechism that lays out the church position on all major and minor issues of faith and life.

Protestants on the other hand have inherited a varied set of tensions which one is left to accept or refine if he or she is so inclined. This fluid structure of theology leads to diversity and dissagreeent, but to the possibility that their are better ways to tell the story of the gospel to our generation.

Being of inquisitive mind, I have tested all things and held fast to that which is true, at least to the degree that I am able to discern. All the things that need balanced between law and gospel, justice and mercy, time and eternity...are juxtiposing nicely. Some tensions and unanswered questions obviously will remain, but I love walking in love and living in a spirit of reconciliation. This place is a place of peace....hope I can live here for a while.

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