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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Performance Trap

A classic Missionary Church building in Maui.

Football, a sport with a field full of men who desperately need rest after a long stressful season, and millions of fans who desperately need exercise after sitting on the sofa for three months watching the atheletes perform.

Faith, the idea that the perfomance of the saving of mankind has been done by the only One qualified to justify us through his faithful performance who then offers us rest and effortless power to walk by faith.

Religion is the performance trap where people believe they earned faith, must keep faith, must perform good works, and must never stop to rest.

A gym friend told me that Costco was packed to the gills with folks stocking up on snack food for the weekend....snackfood is another weekend winner, and beer, and New Jersey....and anyone smart enough to stay home and watch it on TV.

P.S. relatives and people from cold climates....just watch the Phoenix Open to see how our winter is going.

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