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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What are the odds of this?

Grandma Kennedy in our side yard by the big tree, Oneonta NY, 1958, really red kodachrome.

Sweet lady my fathers age joins our church. We discover that we lived in the same finger lake upstate New York town, Oneonta, during the same years and went to the same church. Her youngest is four years older that me, my mom's youngest because they married out of high school and this couple out of college.

So we all sat in the same pews decades ago, what are the odds that we would share similar space? I got a Bible in that fourth grade Sunday School, RSV with the year of my attendance there. It was the Bible I would read years later when I sensed a hunger to know the story of Jesus. Still have that Bible in my office today, what are the odds that I would keep my fourth grade Bible as a momento of that period in my life?

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