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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blessed 10 PM

Tallest pulpit I every spoke from, in the Chapel of Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson Mississipp, taken in the early 70s when I was a student there. I burned a lot of midnight oil and lost a lot of sleep during my days of higher learning. Needed lots of coffee.

I like Jay Leno, I am sad to hear he is leaving. The feeding frenzy for people who enjoy late night TV led to his early retirement, which is really an opportunity for new things.

It has for the last number of years conflicted with a settled and joyful decision in our empty nesting early senior sleep loving years. It's simple. We turn out the lights at 10 pm and go to sleep, and though we are both early risers. ie. 5:15, we get plenty of healthy healing restoring sleep and we do not miss anyone's latest Jokes. Most of the funny ones end up at the end of a news show.

I recommend everyone get 7 plus hours of sleep a night, you will feel better, experience more energy, heal more, and have some lovely dreams that you will remember when you wake up....mostly.

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