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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My son is an extrovert

Two of my favorite Chihuly works of glass art in the garden.

Brian no sooner landed than friends from his past started desiring to reconnect, and he is now in Tucson, the place he enjoyed and loved during his years at the University of Arizona. We got home Sunday evening tired from a long day at church and at the Desert Gardens but he left to visit a friend who got off work at 11pm. He is wired for friendships.

I used the last day of the Valentines Day to upgrade to my second smartphone. My first one is over four years old and the battery life was waining. I wanted it to break but the darn thing was a warhorse, so I justified my replacement with a plan that will in the long run cheaper as I am know running my web access through the most expensive way, direct from Xoom to the satellite. I need an inhome wireless router that will enable me to conserve bandwidth use out and about. Bought an HTC One, same family, larger screen, very nice new features. I am an Android guy, not an Apple guy, that's just the way it is.

I paused to reflect how much the smartphone helped my day to day and my life as a student of life. The direction finder map alone changed my life, and the calendar and reminder apps helped me way more than the days of to do lists and post it notes. Do not diss technology in front of this happy traveler.

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