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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old Earth vs. Young Earth

The age of volcanic islands gives me pause to reconsider a 4004 year old creation....forgive me for saying it. I was not there.

Well, I am kind of glad the big debate between Nye and Hamm is over. I understand it was not really a debate but a presentation of opposing views, and that most progressive Christians think just showing up at the museum was a losing bet for Nye.

One of the areas I allowed myself to research in the freedom of independency is this issue. I enjoyed Hugh Ross and several others who respectfully allowed that Genesis is a religious narrative and not a statement of scientific fact. It is always about how we think God's word is to be read and interpreted, and the Answers in Genesis folks are not interested in any kind of scienctific data, measuring, testing, etc.

Troubling to me is the fact that in the past certain biblical assumptions have really and truly proven false, as in the Copernican revolution. We got egg on our face for that one.

There needs to be dialogue over methodology and theology on this. Hamm was not there either when he posits that people road dinosaurs and had them for dinner, causing their extinction.

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