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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Orley Hood

Found a picture of Mac Nelson, my high school teacher, who just joined my facebook family. Mac worked at Belhaven for a time.

At my college there was a bit of a seperation between the athelets and the other kids. They were rowdy, stayed together on the second floor of the dorm, and many were there on scholarship for sports instead of the Christian influence of the school.

Orley was short, and was a manager type, very likeable although we never had a close friendship. This week he died of leukemia at 65 and I remember his career as a sports writer and columnist for the Clarion Ledger. Turns out he was full of lore and stories of Mississippi. There was some bitterness when the paper fired the high paid folks and went for corporate drivel from another place.

His friends say he was upbeat and never down about battling this disease. Reminds me that I am getting to that age when my generation begins to depart a few at a time, then a flood.


Janet A said...

I remember his face. Do you have his age right? If he was a high school teacher of yours, he would be older than 65. I am sorry for his passing. Janet

Janet A said...

I just reread your entry and realize that it was not Mac Nelson who died.

Don said...

Mac sent you greetings and very much remembered your acting under his direction, you should friend him.

Lynn Beck said...

So good to see Mac. He's living in Pascagoula now. His old high school was turned into residences and he lives (I think) in his old typing class. He says it actually is true that "you can go home again." Also remember Orley Hood. What a great guy and terrific writer.