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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Could the Reformation have been avoided?

Kissing cousins Melissa and Jason decades ago.

Shared some risky ideas last night, waiting to see if people dig in to fight or open hearts and minds to consider, even if they don't agree.

I wonder when Martin Luther posted his 95 points of discussion on the church door in Wittenburg that if his position of respect, service, study would have led to a local discussion and then perhaps a widespread defense of ending of practices that had really gotten out of hand. No way to know....

because those threatened by the questions to tradition vowed to extinguish the discussion before it ever occurred. Thanks to the printing press, and the internet, his and our discussions have broken from the magisterium of the authority structures.

Always bloody in some way even if metaphorically. Oh the joys of sharing a minority report.

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