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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Long and Winding Road

Talking to the daughter of an independent missionary who passed away recently in his 90s. He left not one scrap of paper indicating his wishes or concerns about his widow after his death, no will, no promises extracted from relatives.

Wondering if the idea of not being in the world that pervaded the church's when he came of age had contributed to his neglect of practical matters?

Trying to balance my own efforts to thin kpast the last regular paycheck to life past retirement. Hearing the mantra that perhaps came from the same kind of thinking....ministers don't retire, they preach until they drop. Retirement is a worldly idea...etc.

I am hoping for an active retirement, which includes preaching and teaching, mostly teaching, but one which contains enough flexibility for a weekend trip, a visit to another church, an occasional visit to Bedside Baptist, which is a church that existed in every community I ever lived, especially when I was whistling dixie.

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