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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Framing the picture

We have enjoyed the history and work of a rather unique southern painter and sculpter named Walter Anderson who lived and died near Ocean Springs,Mississippi. Working with vivid colors and a geometric style he saw things in the outer islands that became magical when he painted them. He would take a rowboat out to the barrier islands and live like a hermit for weeks, sketching and watching the seagulls, crabs and living ocean and then come home anc create.

His descendants have created a cottage industry with prints and recreations of his life work. This Christmas Laura is framing two of the prints for our home, and believe me, the frames, even on super sale, cost more than the prints. You want the colors and textures to set off the beauty of the artwork.

In my experience of Christianity, the way we frame the artwork of the gospel is as important as the work itself. Although the original artist has finished the work, there must always be a contemparary framing that fits where we are in our journey. We have arrived at that point in history where some of the ways in which our faith has been portrayed and lived are no longer creating the focus on the work itself. It is exciting and necessary to see people try to create the backdrops so the beauty of the story will shine through another era in restoring humanities hope.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you on framing-- not sure why it is so high but always has been.
Like your analogy to framing the Gospel.
Thanks for sharing the artwork-- beautiful!