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Monday, December 23, 2013

Blockbusted-the end of an era

Stopped by on closing day of our local blockbuster to say farewell with the purchase of three dvds for 2 bucks each.

Remembered the early days when the Curtis Mathes store rented tapes and after we bought our first VHS I bought my first home movie for my young children, it was Mary Poppins.

Remember the first time through my machine ate the tape and I was faced with my first technology failure and return. I never quite trusted VHS after that.

Remember giving my whole VHS set away a few years ago. Still miss some of those fav movies.

Remember how cool DVDs are, and almost indestructabe.....almost....don't step on them.

Own Mary Poppins on DVD, love it every year.

Saw Saving Mr. Banks last evening with deep enjoyment and some tears. Kind of brought real life, and books and Disney movies full circle for me. Highly recommend the movie.

Bought Despicable Me 2 for grandkids....tastes and animation continue to change, big time. I endure the movie and my grands love it.

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KC Bob said...

Never been a fan of buying DVDs but at $2 a pop I would do it! ツ

I imagine that everything will be streaming by 2020.