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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prayers for a good friend

December mornings bring memories of June Vacations.

Early last year we were celebrating our Wedding Anniversary with a dinner date and concert. The phone call from Dianna was hard to hear and I was not sure how serious the story she was telling me was at the time.

Yesterday we got their Christmas letter and yes, Dianna is a survivor of pancreatic cancer, still recovering, still hopeful, still aware of the uphill odds against long term survival.

Dianna was a very special office assistant a decade plus ago who helped me and the church through my first rather startling and personally traumatic heart attack. They have moved often since then, and struggled with life's curve balls on many occasions, and we have remained friends.

I was so grateful to hear from their family and see their wonderful daughters, and to renew my regular prayer for Dianna's health and long life, and thankful that such health challenges make us treat every day as a gift. God bless you today dear Stark family. dear Dianna, we love you.

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