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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Escape from the Lawyers Office

Been to the Arizona Monument twice, deeply moved at this scar in the beauty of Oahu.

The freedom of information on the web can sometimes clash with the reality of the real world. I was searching for a vehicle to allow me to put extra money into tax deferred savings. The web made it sound like boiler plate easy and the law office made it sound like they were diffusing a bomb and it would take many hours of "due diligence" at 300 bucks an hour to protect me and them from the dreaded auditors. After two lawyers in two fifteen minute conversations I begged to be allowed to leave without opening my wallet.

Many years since Pearl Harbor, even 10 year olds living in 41 are in their 80s. As the news reports the event is fading in our national memory there are some events that must be reintroduced to make us aware of agressive small nations that are willing to make a big risk to achieve small goals. Japan and Germany are now our partners, but then insane leadership led us to World War II.
We must therefore watch nutjobs in North Korea, Iran, and yes, even religiously led leaders in Israel. Peace is that important.

Three weeks, no golf, this time its the nippy weather, and our game to see how long we go until we heat our home is beginning to get chilly. It was 38 outside our home and 62 inside this morning.

Post script to fine dining day at Lauras elementary school. It actually worked, the discussion of manners, the dressing up, the teachers eating with students, the menu....all the kids got into it and yes it gives hope that we all grow up and learn the basics of not grossing out our fellow diners. I mentioned to our dining group last night that putting our elbows on the table should be allowed to help old people keep their stability at the table, its just too comfortable to be wrong!!!!


KC Bob said...

Our friendships with Germany and Japan remind me that it possible for things to change amongst the nations. Hope that one day North Korea, Iran and others will be counted among our friends.

Don Hendricks said...

Amen to that Bob.