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Friday, December 27, 2013

Khiros and Chronos

Laura, circa 1978

Time fascinates me. I think thats why photography is so cool. I capture time and freeze a moment so I can prove to myself that I was at that place at that time, and that my memory had preserved the event as well, though not with such detail.

Once for five minutes I had a weird experience with time that I will share Sunday. I was 38, and visiting a town I had left twenty five years earlier. I was standing at the trophy case of the High School I would have attended if we had not moved. I saw pictures and exploits and trophies of my thirteen year old buddies, they had happened in the future for them, but now they were old and worn and over 20 years after those high school days two decades ago.

These friends were frozen in my memory in Junior High, they had futures I missed, and now they were long past. A future I never knew collided with a past I never knew when my Junior High friends went on without me.

So, we have pasts and futures, and only the present to live them. I wonder what a timeless or more properly a timeful life will contain, when people from your past appear in your age enduring present and you remember the slice of time you shared, and yet you renew the relationship from the perspective of what God was teaching you in that journey, and how the imperfect past melds into the perfected future with seamless joy.

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