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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Great Divorce

little brother is trying to keep up with big sister even though he cannot walk. Christmas past.

A dozen of us attended the new adaptation of C.S. Lewis The Great Divorce at the Herberger Theatre last evening. It was an interesting and fulfilling performance that featured the blending of video backdrop with three actors playing all the roles including C.S. Lewis.

The director and book adapter was Max McLean who was present and did an after show QandA.

I thought they did a great job of presenting Lewis idea that heaven is more real than the Shadowlands.

I asked our folks if the idea of a bus between heaven and hell was attractive to them, for it is a concept that does not exist in evangelicalism. One shot at the truth and its over.

Fun evening, even though I took some heat for not noticing that the play started a 8 instead of 7. Why would anything start at 8 on a school night, he said, unobservedly.


Andrew said...

The great divorce as a play? I have always thought it should be translated as such... would have loved to have seen that!

Don Hendricks said...

Andrew, it was well done and not preachy and it was really cool to ask Mclean why he did some things the way he did, like three people playing Lewis as narrator together.

Very talented cast when you change clothes and characters about ten times in 100 minutes.