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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is obedience a decision or an action?

Me a few years ago, about 20 lbs heavier than I currently weigh.

Been interacting with friends over this issue of evangelicalisms obession with making a decision for Christ. Part of the church adopted the idea of baptismal regeneration long ago to swell the number of those in the church. Baptized infants are members of the body of Christ and washed by the blood of Christ at their baptism, (although they must show the fruits of it later, although in my experience no baptized children are ever removed from the roles by an act of the church).

Many have taught that none of the benefits of salvation become active until a person uses their will to "make a decision" to follow Jesus. The decisions are recorded on the belts or pelts of the church leaders to show they are growing.

I like the term obey, used quite a bit in scripture, because it involves submission to the will of God and a turning away from following your own will. Obedience is tested over the long haul, while a decision can wax and wain or be sincere or emotionally motivated but not really life changing.

Decisions are emotional, ego driven, like my decision to diet. Obedience is the act of actually doing what it takes to lose weight, day in day out.

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