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Saturday, December 22, 2012

What I did on the last day

Went shopping, and felt bad because I am so completely overwhelmed by all the stuff in the stores and I have no idea how to develop a sense of taste in clothing or discern what people I love may desire. I just don’t have what it takes and it frustrates me.

I keep getting attracted to kid toys, like all the toy helicopters, which I have bought and destroyed over the last several years. No more toy helicopters for us.
Saw James Bond, which had a sad revenge theme but some great chases and loyalty themes as well.

Ate chocolate, which is something that first grade teachers are showered with from the students. Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, but I love the cheap milk chocolate. The most unique was some chocolate that was formed and colored like little rocks. After all, it was the last day, so why worry.

Realized it was not the last day and remembered to be humbled by all end time texts and traditions, and to realize every human has a last day on this earth, and hopes for a world to come, in which love, mercy, justice and goodness prevail. And then I remembered I am called to bring that hope in some manner to this world, and I looked forward to tomorrow, which as I write is today.

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