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Friday, December 7, 2012


I have no idea why time travel is such fun for me to imagine, but I think it is related to the way my brain has sectioned my history because of my timeline in history.

Mom and Dad, circa 1975, with Laura, my constant, who travels through time with me.

See, my folks moved a good bit for jobs. You know that about me if you have followed this blog. Each time we moved, this little boy ended relationships, and locations, and had to orient himself to new places and people, and thus, the old places found compartments in the grey matter of my brain to live.

I imagine if you have lived in one town and one house all your life you would still have the same memories, but less organized??????

Therefore, what I love about my memories about the past is that they bring worlds no longer available, memories that are filed by age, ie. 58-61; 61-64, 64-68.

So, If guess what I am saying is that my memories are my form of time travel, and I know that if I did not move, my life would have headed in an unknown trajectory, but the way it worked, good, bad and ugly, is the way the Creator knew would be good in the long run. So, I am probably through with this subject, and still love time travel stories.

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