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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Satisfying glimpse at possibility and reality

A blooming Texas Sage....got Texas on my mind.

So I have learned from Stephen Kings entertaining novel 11/22/63 that changing the past can have catastrophic effects on the future. It was a moving book about the events surrounding the assassination of the president and about what all good books are about, a love story, a fine one, and heroism and selflessness.

After finishing I went to You Tube and looked at some videos about the event, and realized that when I started studying the Assasination you only had books and occasional TV specials around the anniversary, now you have just about everything recorded available for your instant viewing. Times have changed.

I am still not convinced that Oswald acted alone, and it was David Liftons book about the physics of the head shot and the shenanigans of the body transport that still make me wonder, it was called Best Evidence.

Seems so long ago now that this 8th grader burst into the lunchroom with the news from a passerby in a car and told to teachers what had happened, only to be scolded for making up such a lie. I gave them the scoop, and that whole weekend burned into my brain so much so that I call it the weekend I left childhood behind. I was never quite so innocent about the world from that moment on.

Years later I would stand behind the fence on the grassy knoll and still see how easy that shot would be compared to Oswalds a football field away.

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