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Monday, December 10, 2012

Three favorite Christmas Albums

Now that I have been listening to Christmas Albums for 10 days I will share my three favorites from my collection of 20 albums. I mean, how many Christmas songs are able to be distinctive and beautiful enough to stand out?

Andrea Bocelli, My Christmas stands out not only for his strong voice but for the unique arrangements that add color to old favorites, 15 songs blend festive, religious and Italian just right, and God bless us everyone is destined to be a new classic.

Enya, And Winter Came, What can I say, no one sings, arranges and performs instruments like this artist. It takes her forever to produce something new and this one was worth it in every way. I am transported to another place when I listen.

Sarah McLachlan, Wintersong wins my current #1 with this album, her use of multiple tracks, deep echos along with that voice and the choices of songs slightly out of the ordinary like In the bleak Midwinter. Only ten songs but everyone is a hit, and my all time fav is one I don't quite understand, but love. I Wish I had a River to skate away on.

Get these, you will love them.

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