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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Friend John S

John and I met when he visited the church I was serving in Queen Creek almost 15 years ago at the bequest of a friend of his in leadership who wanted his opinion of what was wrong with my approach to the gospel.

It was about the whole tension between calvinism/arminianism but John thought I was OK and we struck up a friendship that has continued to deepen through the years, including his ringside seat on my first heart attack, our mutual embrace of the wider hope of the Gospel, and our love of the Lord and the word of God.

He may retire to another state and so we had a great breakfast with another friend Mike and had some good looks backward and forward. He also helped me sell and buy homes so we appreciated his career as well, and his gracious wife as well.

Friends are what makes the rougher parts of the journey bearable and joyful.

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