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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reading a Novel

The little tree in front is now as big as the tree in back, which was cut down, and my grandchildren are climbing in a tree we planted just a few years ago. Time and growth stop for no one.

I began my reading life with novels when I caught the reading bug in Junior High, I still enjoy them, but in recent decades have been studying theology with a passion and a fun book was a rare treat.

I am not a fan of Stephen King but really wanted to read his novel about trying to change the past, namely the Kennedy assassination. As those years are burned into my memories, even the Cuban Missile Crisis brought back a memory of sitting under my desk wandering how it would shield me from a nuclear attack.

I am really enjoying 11/22/63, but don't tell me the ending, I am still in the middle. For me also, is the realization that e reading for me is more enjoyable on a sepia screen with a strong backlight, I am really enjoying the Kindle Fire, and my subscription to Prevention Magazine for a little over a buck a month. I like the way you can flip pages, and when you are reading an article you can switch to page format for easy reading and then back to the magazine. Technology amazes me.

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