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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Passionate once more

As my views have changed about God's plan for the ages, I have such a renewed excitement about the good news of the ultimate victory of Christ oover sin, death, and the damage done through the destructive power of evil, that I get so passionate about it that those who have settled for a good news with a lesser scope are struggling with my message, and it's kind of heartbreaking.

People always think the ways they were taught are the best ways, that no better understandings can be reached, and changing is difficult to impossible for some.

The idea that evil plays a role in the good news that God has ordained for a greater purpose is to me so much more ennobling then a revelation of a God who has lost control to the evil one and is just running damage control. I say it and show it was a passion to set people free, and they struggle with it, and...as I said I am saddened that I have to be contrarian to ideas long hallowed but perhaps in need of testing for faultiness, and even as I write it I know it sounds boastful, but the very nature of unfolding revelation and newer and deeper understanding must allow that truths lost or dimmed can be recovered, and it can happen during my generation.

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