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Friday, December 7, 2012

Speaking of famous Authors

Apparently there is a line in one of Stephen Kings books where the subject is standing in a book store looking at a book, "Oh, that's the book my sister is always telling me to read, says it will change my life."

I chatted with the author of said book, Wm. Paul Young, who wrote "The Shack" at Barnes and Nobles

this morning. He came in early to do a book signing in Scottsdale and we had a conversation.

As I mentioned before, novels have been on the back burner for a while, so The Shack had been given to me for several months after it was widely published, and I picked it up with the me night I go out of bed at 3pm, showered, and drove myself to the emergency room, walked in and told them I was having a heart attack.

This was 2007, and I have since sworn not to drive myself to the ER, and sure enough they gave me some stents to relieve heart attack #2, and I read The Shack in two days...and wept and thought deeply about this story of an angry hurting man who had a little visit with the members of the Trinity to help him with his healing.

Christians attacked and panned the book, and being an English major and a Christian minister, I got it, deeply and profoundly.

So today I bought his second book, heard a lovely story sermon from him to those who came early for the signing, and bought a copy of "Cross Roads" More to come later.

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