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Friday, December 21, 2012

Time shall be no more?

Thats how the hymn goes. "When the trumpet of the lord shall sound and time shall be no more".

My own very amateur understanding of time and matter and physics tends to put me in agreement with Einstein, that time can be stretched with speed, but that if mass is involved there will of necessity be some kind of experience of passing time, unless the next age involves only spirit and nothing flesh.

Since the universe created by God is going to be redeemed by God, then there will be some sort of continuation of time.

All these hundreds of predictions talk of an end of days, and yes, I would imagine our own physical death will be an end of days, but I am not convinced the future involves a melting of the present world....ie. Peters destruction of the heavens and the earth is a symbol of the end of the world of the temple and the Jewish world.

Anyhow, looks like we have more time to ponder these things because I have not floated off my bed yet with a magnetic inversion....and I am still ready and happy to enter into the dawning of the age of Aquarius when peace and understanding begin to rule.


Kansas Bob said...

I look for that day when time is no more Don. On that day we will certainly be in the presence of a timeless God who forever exists outside of time.

Don Hendricks said...

Bob, I used to think that way but my cosmology has changed. God exits as Emmanuel, He is with us, and present in the now with us, and there will be eons in the future, each of which will accomplish His plan to reconcile all things to Himself and be the all in all. Don't want to fuss about it, but if God creates time, he inhabits it for our sake and works his age abiding plan from age to age.

Kansas Bob said...

You might be right Don? Either way, I look forward with you to that day when I will see Him and you in heaven! And you never know, we may actually meet before then. :)