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Monday, October 31, 2011

I just don't want to go there or there, or there

A mural painted on the wall of the Palmer Community Center.

I am not trying to be an isolationist, but neither do I want to jump in to the conversation about the very real issues we face at this point in history. I am glad for those who have the gifts and passions for debating politics, economics, sociology, or even a religious topic like Muslim terrorism....unless you are sitting across my desk or in a coffee shop.

I do have a growing impression that the Christian world is entering a reformation for renewal and new life for the future, and that it may get more confusing before we see the more genuine things emerge. If I am still here I want to be a tiny little part of it.

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Kansas Bob said...

I understand that Don. Maybe you can post some time about the role of a pastor in preparing the flock in carrying out their civil obligations like being an informed voter. I am thinking more about helping people to develop a godly worldview and not teaching on specific issues.