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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dr. Harold Camping and his ilk

We had dinner this evening with our friends in the Turkey growing industry and took this picture to share with them at Disney, and speaking of turkeys......

When I was young the used Book stores where filled with the prophecy writings of Salam Kirban, and I heard his book "I predict" was so badly off base that he spent the rest of his life selling health products. At least they helped for he lived to be a healthy 85.

In just a few hours the second end of the world date with have passed leaving 90 year old teacher Harold Camping going back to the drawing board to see where he could have misunderstood in his elaborate scripture numbering system.

I feel sorry for his loyal followers and hopers, and for all who abuse and misuse the Bible for good or evil motives. We teachers will be held responsible for this propagation of error. Sometimes it makes me want to close my mouth and stop trying to understand and teach divine revelation.


Anonymous said...

My bible study class is tackeling Revelations so I just reread Daniel. Our pastor teaches from a historical viewpoint ane some interesting discussions have emerged.. I enjoyed Daniel becuase it reminded me of a book we had in the house when I was a child. I wonder if it was still around when you were growing up. Bedtime stories of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego surviving the roaring furnace kind of stuck with me.
Have plateaued on my diet and need to up my exercise but not terribly motivated. Blood sugar is good. I am going to investigate the program you are on. One of my challenges is cooking for one person. It is so easy to just grab something that is not as good a choice for me.Love to you and Laura

Don Hendricks said...

Judy, Go to Mark's Daily Apple and experiment with his whole foods emphasis and care with processed carbs.