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Sunday, October 9, 2011

They are not heavy, they are our Grandkids

We have made our yearly effort to qualify for Sun Lakes most Doting Grandparents award by taking the kids to Disney Land for three fun filled days.

Disney does not publish attendance figures but the web says they stop selling tickets when 85,000 bodies enter the gates, along with 10,000 cast members, thats a major small city crammed into 600 acres. Two years ago we were there on the largest attendance day, and this Saturday seemed close.

Nevertheless, we made precious memories as I struggled with only my new small camera, no charging device for that battery, and no charging device except my car battery for my phone....all my fault.

Some highlights:
Finding out that the Photo Store keeps a supply of chargers for Canon, Nikon, etc. and charges them for free.

Seeing the Indiana Jones ride on foot as it broke down and all the passengers had to walk out, we got stuck right where the huge ball rolls down to crush you, not so exciting with all the lights on, and poor Indy jiggling on a rope for fifteen slow minutes as were were strapped in our vehicle.

Seeing the World of Color show in California Adventure for the first time, very cool.

Running into a professional Kite flyer named Dan, who kept bumping into us and giving collector pins to Shannon, who really made a haul on her pin collection. He said his group are the Blue Angels of Kite flying....who knew??

Observing culture become like the stranded people in Wall E, riding like blobs on motorized carts and becoming Disney road hazards. And seeing our young people fall in love with tatoos everywhere, and ear rings inside the lobe, positively tribal.

Seeing Parents loving and playing with kids, and delighted laughs and screams. I saw the bench Walt was sitting on when he thought that people need a place to take their children and grandchildren. That was his dream, and it works, very, very well. We doted on ours all week, and loved it.

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