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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is the Air I breathe

Everyone is a little bit Goofy!!!

The house is quiet again, the Grand children have left atfer spending six days together. A nasty roof leak on our back porch has been repaired with the rotted wood replaced and protected and painted, our home is in disarray as the carpet cleaner did his thing today and all the steamed areas are drying. Yep, you can tell Laura is on vacation, for things are getting done around the Hendricks home.

We paid our last respects to a man who had a very long life on earth and a great marriage, career, and life experience. Everytime we gather to say goodbye to a person whose physical life has ended we reaffirm our belief that the Zoe life will go on, and not just in our mind like the Titanic song. It will go on because of the union of Christ in our death and our union with Him in His life.

Been reflecting on the life of Steve Jobs who died with an estate of over 7 billion dollars. I did not know he was the major share holder in Disney stock since they got saved by Pixar in the cartoon technology business. I am an IBM and Android kind of guy who will probably never buy an apple computer, but he did aim for me with the Ipod. Not a day goes buy without me using the 7000 songs in my pocket. That kind of accessibility and usefulness was really great.

The theme music for this months Bible Study is the simple two phrase song named Breathe, written by the wife of a song writer. I have four different versions of the song, and even though my life is filled with stuff, it is the life filled with the presence of God that I cherish the most. “This is the air I breathe, This is the air I breathe, Your holy presence, living in Me.

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