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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best Buy?

I found a laptop I am interested in and Best Buy said I could get it at a store if I ordered it on the Web. I went to the store and said I really don't want to buy it without seeing one, so can I look at one?

The salesperson looked up the model and there was two stores in Az that had one, the closest was Tucson, or Bakersfield CA, so the computer they advertize they actually do not have in stock anywhere in the Southwest.....and they wonder why Amazon is selling so much stuff.

Mark Sisson has put out a simpler guide to primal lifestyle that I gave to my son for his birthday, quite motivating and well photographed. He started me on a better way to view nutrition and diet and exercise that I hope Matt will enjoy trying.

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Kansas Bob said...

One of the handiest things on my laptop is the backlit keyboard. Might want to consider that?