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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happiness Runs

Even Chip and Dale started dancing to the music of a Dixieland Band.

Donavan visited the Museum of Instrumental Music this week. He was one of the most unique singer songwriters of the 70s, whose Britiah voice and songs were influenced by folk, english traditional and world music. He looked like the aging hippy he is, but he spoke of the emotional power of music during his visit.

My youngest son bought Donavan's greatest hits this summer or I would not be writing this, but as I listened, I was emotionally transported in my head and heart to the headiness of that decade, "here comes the hurdy gurdy man, singing songs of lo oh ove",then actually seeing my first real Hurdy Gurdy player, which is an organ you run with a crank and play with one hand.

In the album he has a sing a long song, the women sing "Happiness Runs, happiness runs" and the men sing a La La La along with it and Donavon coachs and sings a one line song, and it goes faster and faster, and the people were absolutely caught up in the fun and they literally got happy in the audience.......that is the power of music.

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