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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marines for life

Dr. and Mrs. Fetzik will be traveling to San Diego to see their son get his pin shortly. Our time was Aug. of 2001. Matt experienced combat in Afghanistan and a really cool time in Japan between his duties in North Carolina. He has been home for a week preparing to a job change and visiting friends.

We know the ceremony will stick in your mind and heart forever and you will well up with patriotism more than you ever thought you could, and if you are lucky you will see the sqautty mascot waddling around.

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Kansas Bob said...

We are 3 generations of US Army in our family. I do resonate with those feelings of pride. Attending our son's graduation from advanced infantry training was a great patriotic time.

Always interesting to note that the USAF does about 5 months of combat duty, the Marines do 6 and the Army does 12 to 15 months. Little know fact how the Army does most of the fighting. I did not know until my son clued me in.