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Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Children are worth a penny?!

Laura's first graders helped build an earth worm habitat today.They were very excited to see that glob of wigglers. Laura is wondering if they will leave the fuzzy cotton stuff and burrow down into the potting soil for water and darkness as they are supposed to????? They are eating cornmeal and lettuce, yum!!

I love Tumbleweed Workout Center. Today I was tired from a bad nights sleep, but once we got going I did 40 minutes of aerobics and 30 of weights and felt grand. Just getting up and going is more than half the battle for healthy activity.

Tommorrow the State of Arizona is being asked to add a penny to the sales tax for three years to help our infra structure through this money crisis. As the husband of a public school teacher coming from a family of public school teachers I support the need and hope that our anti government bias does not sink this one. If it fails our already cut to the bone education budget will face further difficult tasks and my wifes job will be more difficult than it already is.

I joked about the field at our Rec center being plowed, and found out that the budget crisis for sports and rec is so tight that they have leased that ten acres back to the farmer who owned the land so he can raise and crop and Chandler can keep this wonderful facility in operation. You would not belief how many awesome programs for the families of Chandler go on at this place. It is awesome.

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