Hawaii 2010

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Better Glass, better pictures????

I have taken over 6000 pictures since I got the Canon Xsi in November of 08. I love revisting our vacations and my everyday silly shooting. I have taken many remarkable pictures in terms of quality of image with the kit lens that came with my camera. You soon learn that there are basically three gradations of lens glass in the Canon family. The L glass is for professional or enthusiasts use not generally on a budget and a good lens can go for 1000 to 8000 dollars.

Today I purchased the 15-85 mid range zoom with Ultrasonic focus and image stabalization that has been reviewed to have great versatility as an every day travel lens with great image quality. The lens retails for more than the camera, but of course with Amazon you get a big discount plus there was a 100 dollar rebate going on during National Photography Month. Its heavy, over 20 oz. and solid feeling. I am excited. You will be seeing a lot of my shots with this lens from now on. You can be the judge. Of course many will be taken with my lovely Canon Powershot A590 and now the Android. All very fun.

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