Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life returns to normal

A month till we get into an Hawaiian state of mind. We listened to Aloha music while doing our chores yesterday. We love "IZ"

Having both sons for a few days changed our routine, and we enjoyed seeing them both and having some fine dinners with all three.

Taught through Jonah today. It seems that Israel's enemies were listening to the preaching of Jonah more seriously than the Isrealites, and Jonah resented God forgiving the repentant city. I was stunned by the last sentence in the book. There are 120 thousand people who do not know their left hand from their right, shall I not be concerned for that great city.

The expansive missional heart of God was there all through the Old Covenant dropping hints.


Kansas Bob said...

The narcissism of the OT God followers always amazes me.. until I look in the mirror anyway :)

Hope your week is a great one Don!

Judith Kelly said...

I really enjoy your blog. I love seeing what your family is doing and you often send me in search of the references in your studies. I wish I had more time. I am struggling with the fact that the pastor in our church whom I like personally is not traveling on after the regular three years of service.( a methodist practice that can be a blessing or a great sorrow.} I am searching for someone who can challenger me intellectually and spiritually and she doesn't. But. we are a small and aging church and I don't want to remove myself from it. Pray on that for me

Bebe said...

Speaking as one who still does not my left hand from my right.......it is so comforting to realize that our Great Father has compassion for all of us.....and even for the cattle in that scripture as well.......Did not get there to hear your message, and could not get a copy on tape.....Maybe some overhot day this summer when you are passing some extra hrs. in your office you could give me the quick version of that Sermon? Tried E Mailing you....but it came back.......Love your blog!