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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A good walk spoiled???

My weekly golf group had their final outing today so I took my morning off on Wednesday instead of Friday. Our regular golf course, The Duke, was purchased last year and is undergoing a lot of cost cutting measures, like drastically reducing the amount of bushes and trees.

Golf course maintenance is a huge cost and although the new owners got the course for a steal, it is very easy to lose golfers to other venues that are either cheaper, or more enjoyable. I have no complaints for the many wonderful hours spent trying to conquer my own crazy emotions and to create a repeating swing.

Today I did not have what it took, but as the temperature hit 97 I know that my golf from here on out with have the quality of an endurance contest.

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Anonymous said...

It struggled to hit 50 here today so don't want to hear any complaining--Eden
p.s. having MRI on the knee I messed up Easter morning and hopefully don't have to do yet another repair--