Hawaii 2010

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A loud thorn in my flesh

This is a macro shot of the bark of the tree in my front yard. Looks chaotic but its part of God's creativity.

My tinnitus is getting worse. I can no longer remember the sound of silence, and now it is competing with TV watching, conversations, and my own thinking process. Time to try some new things. First thing is to go cold turkey on my long aspirin therapy. Two 80 mgs a day for probably 10 years could be acerbating the issue. I will let you know. I am not going to buy Quietus, its a hundred a bottle and more hype than facts, but if anybody knows anybody thats tried anything that might work, let me know. I am researching the issue more deeply.


Janet said...

Let me know what you learn. I also have it (probably due to medication). I try to ignore it and am successful most of the time but is worse at night. I too miss silence.

Love you

Kansas Bob said...

Sorry to hear about the tinnitus Don. Agreeing with you today for healing.