Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

It has been a great adventure

I am a Lost fan. It's over. There was a reunion in a church. It was about life after death, it was about remembering those whose lives were intertwined in the struggles on the island. I always remind people that heaven has no meaning without the struggles, the forgiveness, the mistakes, the joys and sorrows of life in this evil eon. Anyone who innocently asks, Will we know each other in heaven? has, in my opionion deeply misunderstood the relationship between this life and the next.

Lost was written by men interested in spirituality and religions. I would not expect them to make the same conclustions as one with a Christian worldview, but in a pleasing way, they have joined storytellers like C.S.Lewis, Tolkien, and a host of others whose metaphors of struggles with our humanity and our moral choices give us all a chance to reflect on ultimate spiritual and eternal truths.


Kansas Bob said...

I was not a Lost watcher but here is a quote I found about the series:

"Ultimately, 'Lost' was a show for the anxious, uncertain, post-Sept. 11 nation we have become. We've had to accept ambiguity as a fact of life, and we seek answers and closure, though none may be forthcoming. We're leery and skeptical about science but riddled with doubt about faith. To the extent that 'Lost' was about the journey and not the destination, about the drive to solve riddles rather than the solutions themselves, it was the show that best explained us to ourselves."


I like that and might post something about it later.

Carmen Andres said...

well said, Don. well said.