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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank God for good, caring, teachers

Many of the older generation find great satisfaction in wood working. This Grandfather Clock reminds me of the gift of time and the fact that many people are living to be a grand old age these days.

For our out of state readers, we are very pleased that Arizona voted to fund education and state services with a three year one cent tax. It will be automatically stopped and hopefully we will have most of this crisis past us.

I visited a lovely retired school teacher friend yesterday. She moved from our community to be closer to a caregiver. At 94 she is still active, walking to the dining hall, talking to friends on the phone, reading the paper, but she has been moved from independent to assisted living because of recent health challenges.

As we were talking, I asked her how she spends an average day and was delighted when she said that many days some random thing she sees or reads will trigger a series of memories of the joys of her life. Family things, school things. She told a story of a really fine student bringing a really bad student to ask her forgiveness, when both of them were adults. Very touching.

Her joyful spirit about most things reminded me of the old adage I try to remember each day. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

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