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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stainless steel knees and hips

I live in an active retirement community. We are supposed to be active and most of us are. Now that people who live in cooler climates are returning to the desert your winter becomes our summer, sort of like Australia, without the accent.

Everywhere I go my slightly older friends are sporting new hardware, in the form of knee and hip replacements. I sure hope these things are still available and affordable when I need them. I walked for 10 minutes, lifted weights for 30, and biked for 20 minutes an hour ago and I feel great. The muscles are not aching even though I am increasing reps and weight. It is very rewarding to be active.

Most of our health issues develop in the later years of life, I have no desire to leave people without care, I have seen the poor taken care of my whole ministry by generous policies and pro bono work by hard working physicians. I am not against reform, but to penalize future generations of seniors is a seriously flawed strategy.

The young people who cavalierly think people are too old for corrective surgery, life extention electives, and heart and circulation help do not know the seniors the way I know them after years here. These people are workers, and givers, and lovers and servers who made this country strong thoughout all their lives. Be careful congress, and executive branch, be very careful.

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